What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is not a lift in the classic sense. No skin is excised and subsequently lifted. In contrast to what the name suggests, it is a form of buttock enlargement process which creates a fuller and rounder buttock shape. Fat is removed from chosen regions of your physique (frequently above and beneath the buttocks), purified and concentrated, and then injected into chosen regions of the buttocks. The procedure of placing the fat into the buttock could involve up to a hundred or so injections. The buttocks primarily becomes like a pin cushion in the course of the process. The important, nonetheless, is to spot the fat in the upper quadrant of the buttocks so it seems fuller and lifted.

The Brazilian butt lift makes use of 3 measures in the course of the process. The regions about the buttocks is initially contoured by performing liposuction. Popular regions to liposuction involve the back region straight above the butt, the flanks or waistline, outer thighs and the back of the thighs just beneath the butt. For several sufferers, the liposuction aids the buttocks appear improved. Particular sorts of liposuction can not be employed, such as ultrasonic and laser liposuction, as they harm fat cells and make them unusable for transfer.

The fat from the liposuction is then meticulously washed, concentrated, and then packed into syringes. By this technique, the greatest percentage of alive fat can be re-injected so that it has the very best likelihood of survival. A specific quantity of fat need to be capable of getting suctioned to do this process. Typically at least 1 liter (1000 ccs) need to be suctioned out at a minimum. Some smaller thin females do not have sufficient fat on their physique in order to carry out the Brazilian butt lift process. Devoid of sufficient donor fat (and no you can not use a person else’s) the only solution would be buttock augmentation with silicone implants.

The purified fat in syringes is then injected into the buttocks by means of several injection websites. The purpose is to spot smaller amounts of fat in the gluteus muscle as properly as the current fat layer among the skin and the muscle. By so several smaller fat injections, this enables the fat cells to speedily get an sufficient blood provide so that they can survive. This technique final results in the highest percentage of fat survival and the very best extended-term upkeep of the buttock enlargement. How significantly fat will keep? This is not possible to predict for any 1 patient. But what you see 4 to six weeks following surgery will most likely be permanent.

The Brazilian butt lift is a properly tolerated process that is each protected and powerful. It is no additional risky than liposuction with no higher price or form of complications. The most significant concern is whether or not sufficient fat can be injected and survive to make the patient pleased.


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