Wedding Trends

‘Tis the season for Bridal Fairs the whole way across the nation, and they’ll be concentrating on 2014 wedding patterns.

Above all else, easygoing appears to the be the pattern for pretty much every part of weddings this year, including some enjoyment, if not level out clever photographs of the lady of the hour and lucky man after the function.

2014 wedding patterns appear to make a beeline for the light and comfortable instead of the conventional “pompous person” and formal issues of decades back when our folks and grandparents got hitched.

Couples appear to be searching for less limitations and “locally acquired,” and inclining more toward “do-it-without anyone’s help.” And not generally to set aside cash, yet more to communicate their own characters and make it daily to truly recall, instead of getting all concerned about what could turn out badly.

Presently we’re going to go for a stroll through the top scanned for wedding patterns for 2014, from cakes to blossoms.

A portion of these wedding patterns really began a few years back, and appear to be proceeding during this time as well. Furthermore, as enjoyment as everything is by all accounts, it would be pleasant if these patterns really turned into the “standard” for people in the future.


The pronunciation is on neon and brilliant hues during the current year, just as some pastel blends for spring and summer weddings.

Blend, match and organize with ribbon, which is a hot pattern. A great deal of these thoughts can be DIY as well!


Wedding patterns for the lady of the hour’s dress – redden, pink and gold are the drifting hues more than the conventional white or old fashioned white.

Ribbon wedding dresses are a major pattern this year as well, just as bridle style dresses or even lashes.

For bridesmaids, you may get fortunate with a one-style-fits-all dress for your house cleaners, yet not every one of them may feel great wearing it.

It’s ideal on the off chance that they feel great in the dress just as look great in the style.

The pattern today is for the lady of the hour to pick the shading and sort of texture, at that point let her bridesmaids select dresses that they’re open to wearing.


Little and rich is by all accounts the pattern now. Recollect the gigantic showcases of a couple of years prior – layers split up over expand wellsprings.

Couples are setting aside cash today and returning to the less detailed yet sharp and individual wedding cakes that present a specific tastefulness at the gathering without being excessively meddling.

Wedding patterns for cake toppers appear to be moving endlessly from the conventional lady and husband to be doll cake toppers, and inclining more toward conceptual plans or blossoms in the shading subject of the wedding.


Remaining with a “moderate” style in addition to the hues and DIY, a great deal of couples are settling on silk roses for their bundles, highlights and even cake toppers.

Artificial blossoms last more and spending still, small voice couples can get more for their cash moving with silk or even Origami blossoms.


Finger nourishments and appetizers were popular for a couple of years, and a great deal of couples despite everything do this to set aside cash and still have a decent gathering. Be that as it may, couples appear to be moving go into the pattern of more full suppers, on the off chance that not full smorgasbord meals, at that point increasingly formal yet at the same time easygoing plunk down meals at their gatherings.


Some wedding and occasion organizers think there might be an expansion in couples booking live diversion – groups or entertainers, for instance – and having a circle racer play the music during the band’s break.

There additionally might be a pattern toward progressively outside weddings utilizing tents in open spaces. Plain white tents permit the couple greater adaptability with their designing as well.


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