Female Youngster Is Pride Of Our Nation, Not Curse On The Society

“Girls are not liabilities or burden, they are important assets”.

“She brings fortune not misery”.

“She is the creator not destroyer”.

“Girl youngster is the most valuable gem, save her from any cataclysm”.

Soon after god, she has the possible to give birth to a new life.

· if one particular family members celebrates the birth of child boy, then why the very same family members express sorrow more than the birth of a girl youngster? · if a male youngster is gifted with sumptuous meals and dress, new toys and a likelihood to go to college, then why the girl youngster is discriminated in her correct to reside. · why she is killed or aborted at birth merely for the reason that she is a girl, not a boy? · why females in our nation need to not be treated at par with males? · why she is often at the getting finish? · why all the excitement has ceased, when a girl has born once more. · why majority of the folks are desperate to have a girl youngster? · how life will be going on, if seeds of life had been becoming reduce by the society itself? · why females are thought of as a weaker sex? · why this distinction amongst a man and a lady nonetheless exists in our nation that has witnessed considerably advancement in just about every field?

In the previous, females had been treated as mere home workers, anticipated to be bound to 4 walls of the home and managed only household chores. But, the time has changed. Like males, she could excel in just about every field. India has tremendous examples of lady who have risen from the ashes and performed the nation proud.

Numerous sex determination strategies like biopsy, sonograms, ultrasounds, scan tests and amniocenteses had been introduced to detect foetal abnormalities. However, these tests had been employed as a tool by quantity of households to detect the sex of the youngster that is but to born.

The states of Punjab and Rajasthan have represented the highest quantity of abortions just about every year. According to un sources, about 75,000 girls are aborted just about every year.

In spite of all stringent laws framed to curb this undesirable practice of killing innocent girl, nonetheless this heinous crime continues unabated in a need for a male youngster/heir. If this practice continues at this rampant price, then that day will not far, when our mother earth will have no girl, no daughter, no lady to give birth, and in the end, no life on earth.

In addition to female infanticide and female feticide, she is discriminated and deprived of the basic rights of education, freedom, empowerment, nutrition, to reside a life with dignity and honour at just about every stage of life.

Due to monetary constraints, several couples favor planned pregnancy. In such circumstances, the very first prenatal check out really takes place prior to actual pregnancy, no matter whether one particular is prepared to go off the contraceptive tablets and conceive a child.

Need for a male youngster with a belief, that he will grow to be our caretaker and a supply of strength in the old age, demand for a heavy dowry, patriarchal structure of a society are thought of as the most important motives for rejecting and eroding the worth of a girl youngster.

It is vital to usher considerable modifications in societal attitude and perceptions with regard to females in just about every sphere. On one particular hand, we worshipped lady at par with god. On the other hand, we produced her to endure numerous sorts of atrocities like dowry deaths, sati, sexual abuse, domestic violence, female infanticide, and female feticide.

Female youngster is not a curse on the society. She is one particular of the most stunning and valuable gifts of god. She is the most stunning creation on this earth. She carries inside her the starting and the finish. Patience and toleranceare the two vital virtues bestowed by god on the lady, aids her to face bravely the troubles of the society.

Education is the fundamental human correct that is important to private and societal improvement and nicely-becoming.

“You educate a man, you educate a individual, you educate a lady, you educate a total family members”.

Sex determination is a criminal offence nonetheless this practice is spreading like a virus. Following measures will prove fairly beneficial to give a halt to this heinous crime.

1. To create an awareness on the plight and fundamental rights of education. two. Denial of education additional aggravates the challenge of a girl youngster. Education enables her to assume wisely, to take rational choices, to act swiftly, understand to respect, create civic sense, to judge independently and to be a fantastic citizen. three. Productive enforcement and implementation of preconception and prenatal diagnostic strategies. The government has also set up a state inspection and monitoring committee to undertake a field visits and take a stern action against these who are operating unregistered institutions and these violating the law. four. To recognize the will need, value and worth of a girl youngster by launching numerous awareness campaigns about sex choice tests. five. The possessive inborn hunger for a male youngster in its progeny has to vanish. six. There is a dire will need to join hand and stand with each other as brother and sister to bring an finish to this social/evil crime. 7. To supplement the efforts of government and numerous females organizations to retain a healthful gender balance in society. eight. To take powerful action and act swiftly to curtail the misuse of preconception and prenatal strategies. 9. To create and implement new revolutionary approaches to fight the menace. 10. To seek constructive options to restore and retain the youngster sex ratio. 11. To build a society that celebrates the birth of each gender equally.

Assistance us to spread the message: –

· gentle breed of humanity is in a distress. Guard her. · son is a son till he requires a wife but daughter remains daughter till the rest of her life. · daughter is the knot that unites two households with each other. · save the beautiful bud from withering and dying. · hapless girl youngster demands our assist and help. · from exactly where he/she would be in this globe if your mother was not permitted to be born and murdered?